Thursday, 21. Juni 2018


A good translation is not an assembly line production, just putting together word by word. For a good communication, it is essential to grasp the character of a text, its tenor, its nuances, its meaning. But just as important is that the translation is adapted to the culture of the persons whom the text is designated for. LinguArdor Translation Services can help you to communicate perfectly with your German speaking partners, as we have all the skills necessary to make your message be understood.

Our keys to success:

  • our translators have both a linguistic background and professional experience in their respective area of expertise - errors that might be made by translators with only language training can be avoided
  • native speakers grant accurate and precise translations as well as perfect localization and customization - for a document that looks and feels as though it was created in your target country
  • modern and efficient software grant fast yet accurate translations - deadlines are closely monitored and respected.
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